Goals and Objectives

SEPTA Goals and Objectives


In order to improve staff/admin/parent communication, we propose the following:

  1. Parent emails and phone calls should be responded to in a timely manner. SEPTA recommends a reply within 48 hours.
  2. If a parent contacts SEPTA because of a lack of response, SEPTA will simply note the missed communication in an email to the school administrator and special education chair. SEPTA would appreciate a response within 48 hours.


  1. During the first week of each month, SEPTA will email the director of special education any requests for additional information on current issues or events affecting special education parents. SEPTA requests that a response be made in time for inclusion at the monthly SEPTA meeting held the third week of each month.
  2. SEPTA will educate parents that parents are responsible for emailing the results of informal meetings or discussions—outside the annual IEP—to the IEP coordinator, the special education chair, and the school administrator.


By March 2018, SEPTA will research and then present to Penfield School District its top five recommendations for program adjustments.


SEPTA recommends that the district consider implementing a brief parent-led Q&A (similar to the parent-led Q&A for general education students) during the annual special education open house. SEPTA is willing to assist.


  1. 45% allocated to scholarships for graduating seniors
  2. 45% allocated during alternating years for
    1. Library books
    2. Supplemental teacher/staff/admin supplies, training, etc. Funds with be distributed through a grant process.
  3. 10% allocated for SEPTA administrative supplies


                October 25, 2017                              Unity Day

                November 5, 2017                           Alex and Ani

                December 2, 2017                            Barnes and Noble Book Fair

                March 7, 2018                                    Spread the Word

                Spring/Summer                                 LuLaRoe

                First Week of June, 2018               Buddy Olympics