THANK YOU!!! Strong Center for Develoopmental Disabilities

Penfield SEPTA would like to thank Strong Center for Developmental Disabilities and Susan Hetherington for donating copies of the movie Intelligent Lives for our event raffle. This is the message that was included with the donation:

Strong Center for Developmental Disabilities, Rochester‘s University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities, is happy to donate these copies of “Intelligent Lives”. We have been an early and consistent supporter of Dan Habib‘s films, being a major supporter of all his films after “Including Samuel”. We have brought Dan to town to introduce and discuss all of his films. In October 2018, Dan brought Micah Fialka, one of the “stars” of the film to help introduce it. Strong Center has as its mission to develop partnerships, foster accessibility, translate research to best practice, and promote diversity and inclusion with and for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in our community. We applaud Penfield SEPTA for focusing on inclusion, in communities, in schools, and in the workplace.